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Morgan Everson is a New York-based Makeup Artist. Growing up, Morgan loved TV and Film. After seeing the Wizard of Oz and watching it over and over as a child, she fell in love with special effects makeup and the complexity behind it. As she got older she fell in love with beauty in high school, after getting bored and playing around with her mother’s makeup. She loved the way it made her feel and the way it made other’s feel. She went to Jamestown Community College and achieved an Associates Degree in Independent Studies, but decided to take her love of makeup to New York City to go to Makeup Designory (MUD) to further her education on the subject in the Master Program.


Morgan has worked on short films,  music videos, and plays prior to her training at MUD. Morgan had also won an award at the Insomniac Film Festival hosted in Jamestown, New York. During her intensive training at MUD, she was able to do a series of photo shoots ranging from beauty to fashion. She has since worked on numerous short films. In the future, Morgan wants to expand her knowledge and creates characters for television and film and hopes to one day create a character that will inspire others, and create iconic characters that will last longer than a lifetime. 

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